IsDB Resilience Forum: Recovery, Preparedness, and Path to Sustainability

Tonino Lamborghini International Convention Center Sharm El Sheikh, Room Sinai ( 1:00 -3.00 PM Cairo Time)


The magnitude of shocks and challenges imposed by COVID-19 and the events in Ukraine and Europe necessitates a new thought leadership surrounding recovery, preparing for future shocks and building resilience. The pandemic has compounded the effects of climate change, led to massive unemployment and created mass displacement. Both COVID-19 and the crisis in Ukraine, which is currently affecting the global economy, energy and food markets, are landmark experiences which draw attention to understanding resilience and analyzing the complex interactions between fragility and resilience.

The objectives of the Forum are to deliberate on (i) How countries can approach interconnectedness of dimensions of resilience while pursuing recovery and preparedness for future shocks, (ii) The need for improved knowledge and statistics in interconnected dimensions of resilience (iii) Prospects of building alliance and partnership to invest in resilience (iv) launch the IsDB 2nd Resilience Report.

Key issues to be addressed:

The side-event session will discuss: 

  • What is the role of investing in promoting recovery and preparedness and building long term resilience of the member countries?
  • How can we mainstream key resilience lessons, findings, and strategies across and among diverse stakeholder networks, including government, private, nonprofit, and local communities?
  • What are some practical and successful case studies on the role of social protection in promoting preparedness?
  • What is the potential of digitalization in building resilience to shocks?