Leveraging Sukuk Markets for Transition to a Green Economy

Tonino Lamborghini International Convention Center Sharm El Sheikh, Suez Canal Hall (Time: 9:00 -11.00: AM Cairo Time)


In line with the aspirations of Egypt for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the event will seek stakeholders’ input for the future of Green Sukuk and similar thematic Sukuk in light of IsDB’s debut Green Sukuk issuance, Egypt’s debut Green Bond issuance and the recovery from COVID-19. The Green Sukuk issuance is a success story waiting to be embraced by financial institutions and governments alike, for focusing their resource-mobilization mechanisms towards such thematic Sukuk in order to drive more capital towards the financing of the SDGs in IsDB Member Countries (MCs), with a particular focus on driving green economic growth. The event, which ties in with one of the Key Focus Areas of IsDB – driving green economic growth in MCs – also aims to raise further awareness of Sukuk as a fixed income investment tool and highlight the additional impact achieved through Green Sukuk.

Key issues to be addressed:

1.       The distinction between Sukuk and traditional bonds and their practical market application.

2.       How can MCs, financial institutions, and other stakeholders issue Sukuk and label options such as green, social, sustainability, or the traditional Sukuk?

3.       What was the Bank’s experience issuing green and sustainability Sukuk, and what were the key lessons? What are the key recommendations and insights from Egypt’s debut green bond? How can member countries benefit from IsDB’s and Egypt’s experience and practical recommendations on issuing green Sukuk and expand into sustainability issuances?

4.       How are MCs addressing financing requirements and needs of their SDG goals, climate change targets (NDCs), and net zero commitments?

5.       What is the role of governance (cross-ministerial) and regulators in supporting Green Sukuk issuance and experience sharing on establishing regulatory frameworks in member countries?