The Role of Consulting Engineers in Resilience for the Water Management Projects Preparation and Implementation

3:30 PM to 4:30 PM (Egypt Time)

Time & Date of Event 

3:30 PM to 4:30 PM on Monday, 14th of November 2022 

Event Overview 

Consulting Engineers play a crucial role in addressing human needs by providing resilient infrastructure, responding to disasters, developing agriculture, and supplying water and energy, among many other needs. They are indeed involved in all the preparation and implementation phases of projects responding to these needs. 

Since all these projects have to be provided in a sustainable way, Consulting Engineers are more and more required to take into account climate change issues during all these projects’ lifecycles: design phase, technologies choice, implementation, operation, maintenance, and dismantling. 

The objective of the panel organized by FCIC, with the support of IsDB during COP27, is to highlight the way Consulting Engineers reshaped their approaches in order to deliver low-carbon solutions and resilient solutions to climate change effects, especially in the water sector. 

The choice of this theme is fully consistent with the COP27 vision, which is to move from planning to implementation and actions on the ground. 

The panel speakers will be challenged on the following aspects: 

  • What is the role of Consulting Engineers in setting up development policies? 
  • How do Consulting Engineers contribute in tackling climate change (mitigation and adaptation programs), especially in the water sector? 
  • What needs to be done for more efficient commitment and involvement of Consulting Engineers in the Climate Change fight? 
  • How national, regional and international Consulting Engineers associations are supporting their members in this field? 

Event Outcomes 

Water management is an important approach in life. Awareness should be raised on climate change, especially in planning and project preparation in this regard.  

With this event, it will be possible to evaluate different approaches in practices in different countries. Thus, Consulting Engineers will be more aware of water management approaches that take into account climate change and will be more conscious in the fight against climate change. 

In all these matters, Consulting Engineering companies, as well as their parent associations, national and international federations will increase their awareness.