The Role of Credit and Political Risk Insurance in Resource Mobilization in the Post COVID-19 Era

Webinar (11:00 AM - 12:30 PM KSA Time)

With increasing uncertainty and the weakening of public and private players' capabilities during the COVID-19 Pandemic, mobilizing resources has become more challenging, especially for the least developed countries and corporates that operate in those jurisdictions.

Without proper risk mitigation tools (such as guarantees, credit and political risk insurance), resources are being mobilized at higher costs. The increased risks, uncertainties, and limited capacity have led to a consequent increase in the cost of risk mitigation tools in the market. It became necessary for risk mitigation providers, especially those with a developmental mandate, to be innovative in cost-effectively facilitating resource mobilization, achieving Resource Mobilization through enhanced, non-traditional, results-based partnerships and structures among ECAs, Multilateral & Private Insurers, MDBs, and DFIs and International commercial banks.