Support to the National Water Transmission and Storage Infrastructure Development (Phase II) Project


IsDB approved the financing of the National Water Transmission & Storage Development Project, Phase 2, on 01/04/2012 for an amount of US$ 120 million (US$ 80.00 million through Istisna’a - 2BH0053, and US$ 40.00 million through Installment Sale - 2BH0054). The agreement was signed on 19/03/2013 and was declared effective on 16/09/2014. The project scope included: (i) Construction of water pumping stations; (ii) Laying of pipes; (iii) Supply of Ductile Iron (DI) transmission pipes and accessories; and (iv) Project financial audit. IsDB financing covers 100% civil works and associated procurement of material for all components. The Saudi Fund, Kuwait Fund and Arab Fund provided parallel financing to the project (different work and material procurement packages) and the GoB financed the supervision consultancy services.

The IsDB mounted a supervision mission to Bahrain during 17-21/02/2019. A Project Implementation Assessment and Support Report (PIASR # 4) has been prepared based on the outcomes of the supervision mission. This PIASR report covered the project status and implementation assessment from the beginning of the project up to end of February 2019.

Project Objectives

The project aimed to strengthen the government's efforts to efficiently manage water resources and enhance operational flexibility through supply and installation of transmission lines, construction of pumping stations and storage tanks. Once completed, it will enable improved availability of quality water with continuous water supply to about 700,000 residents in the central area and new residential and commercial areas such as North Bahrain New Town, Buhair, Durrat Al Bahrain and Al-seef. Thus, it will contribute to improve the well-being of populations and the development of the socio-economic activities in Bahrain.