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Kuwait, officially the State of Kuwait (Arabic:), is located in Western Asia at the northeastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula. The country covers an area of 17,820 square kilometers and has a population of about 4.4 million in 2017. Kuwait gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1961. Kuwait is a constitutional emirate with a parliamentary system of government. Kuwait City serves as the country's political and economic capital. Kuwait's large oil fields were discovered in the late 1930s and possess the world's fifth largest oil reserves. Kuwait is the eleventh richest country in the world with a per capita income of US$ 27,319 in 2017 and human development index (HDI) of 51 out of 188 (UNDP Human Development Report, 2016). Kuwait joined the IsDB on August 12, 1974, as a founding member. The first IsDB operation in Kuwait was approved in 1989 a. Its capital subscription is ID 3.5bn (6.92%).

H.E. Abduwahab Mohammad Al-Rushaid
Minister of Finance and Minister of State for Economic Affairs and Investment
Alternate Governor
H.E Mrs Aseel Suleiman Al-Saad Al-Munifi
Assistant Undersecretary for General Budget Affairs and Acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance