IsDB «AAA» Rating Reaffirmed by S&P Global Ratings

The Islamic Development Bank’s “AAA” credit rating was affirmed with a “Stable Outlook” by S&P Global Ratings on December 15, 2022.

The ratings and the stable outlook reflect the intrinsic strengths of Islamic Development Bank (IsDB); in particular, its robust capitalization, excellent funding and liquidity profile, conservative Governance and risk management underpinned by strong financial and risk management policies, and strong shareholder support.

The IsDB remains amongst the most highly rated Multilateral Development Bank (MDBs) and the highest in the Muslim World. The ‘AAA’ rating enhances the Bank’s capacity to mobilize external resources to fulfil its development mandate and play a leading role in development of the Islamic Finance Industry.

IsDB is a Multilateral Development Bank established in 1973G with the purpose of fostering economic development and social progress of its Member Countries and Muslim Communities in non-member countries – through their respective governments - in accordance with the principles of Islamic Finance.

IsDB President and Group Chairman, H.E. Dr. Muhammad Al Jasser, congratulated all Member Countries, IsDB Board Members and Staff for this important achievement. He renewed IsDB’s commitment to exert maximum efforts to realize the objectives of the Bank’s Vision and to continue playing an important role in meeting the development needs of Member Countries as well as for their resilient and green recovery from the current pandemic.

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