Telecommunication Infrastructure Project

Brief Summary
The project aims at developing the telecommunication infrastructure in Turkmenistan through the interconnection of 9 cities to the telephone and data networks using optical fiber cable and by increasing the capacity of telephone digital exchanges in the capital Ashgabat. It also aims at improving international access through linkage with the Global Telecom. Network. Most of the telecommunication equipment and systems date back to the sixties and are in need of major refurbishment. A fiber optic communication cable will connect Ashgabat with Turkmenbashy and pass through Bakherden _ Serdar _ BereketBalkanabat, for a total length of 608 km along with all associated hardware and software to be installed in the 9 stations. Additional capacity of 15,000 newtelephone lines will be created through adding new remote stations and expanding the capacities of existing ones. A long_term consultant will assist the executing agency in preparing the technical specifications, evaluation of bids and for project supervision.
Information & Communications
Project cost
Project Status
Start date
6 October 2001
End date
7 January 2008