Submarine Cable Telecommunications Project

Brief Summary
The project aims at improving overseas voice and data communication, and meeting the ever_increasing demand for international traffic by using high quality fiber optic circuits. This will improve the quality of speech and reduce international call charges, replacing current high_cost, low_quality satellite system. The delay factor involved in satellite communication shall be eliminated in this Submarine FOC (Fiber Optic Cable) system. The location of the optic fiber link that will connect Bangladesh withthe international
telecommunications network is from Zhilanja, Cox's Bazar to a branching point on the SEA_MEWE 4 Consortium cable undersea the Bay Of Bengal/Indian Ocean Region. The SEA_ME_WE 4
Consortium cable will be started from Singapore and ended to Marseilles of France. Location of other components of the project is between Cox's Bazar and Chittagong, and then from Chittagong
and Dhaka.
Information & Communications
Project cost
Project Status
Start date
11 February 2005
End date
23 March 2008