Rural Electrification Project through Renewal Energy under Reverse Linkage

Brief Summary
Project Objectives and Key Results:
The proposed project aims to support Niger in addressing the critical issues of lack of electricity in rural areas by contributing to increase the electricity access rate, currently estimated at 11% countrywide and less than 1% in rural areas. The project also aims to strengthen the capacity of the National Agency for the Promotion of Rural Electrification (ANPER, the Executing Agency) in developing and managing sustainable rural electrification Infrastructure. By 2021, about 17,500 households’ connections for a targeted population of 122,500 and 1,500 connections to public facilities (schools, health centers etc.…) and small businesses will be realized. The number of 122,500 people comprising about 51% of women will have access to electricity in the project area by 2021. The staff of ANPER will be trained on various fields (management, design and implementation of rural electrification project). The project will allow ANPER to have a master plan for decentralized solutions for each region of the country
Project cost
Project Status
Start date
23 June 2018
End date
14 July 2020