Conference on Access to Safe, Effective and Quality Medicines in OIC Member States, December 2018, Ankara, Turkey

Brief Summary
The purpose of the Project is to help the MoH in reorganisation and enhancement of supervision and monitoring efficiency. The Project will combine all required components for effective and efficient conduct of preventive health measures in Turkey and will establish research capacities within MoH. The consolidation of operations management shall increase efficiency of Turkey’s healthcare management system by having a centralized patient database, removal of authority responsibility conflicts resulting in duplication of efforts, centralized and integrated infrastructure for effective coordination for screening, surveillance and vaccination programs, meet the requirements of international commitments of Turkey in relation to compliance to EU Regulations andInternational Health Regulations, and an integrated centralized pharmaceutical and medical device licensing system.

The Project relates to the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of a campus that will be composed of a set of research and reference laboratories (including laboratories of the highest biological safety levels 3&4) and administration facilities that will supervise, monitor and regulate the healthcare sector, including the pharmaceutical industry.
Health & Social Services
Project cost
Project Status
Start date
31 July 2018
End date
20 January 2020