Capacity Building of Local NGOs Supporting Refugees, Turkey

Brief Summary
The overall objective of the project is enhancing the capacity of LNGOs in order to maximize their effectiveness in responding to the needs of vulnerable Syrian refugees and International Development Partners. This project specifically aims at (i) engaging in the development of LNGOs, (ii) supporting LNGOs in the challenges they face to improve their work with local communities, and (iii) strengthening the capacity of LNGOs to ensure the effectiveness of their work and daily running, to increase their impact.
Objectives for the first aim (Engage in the development of LNGOs)
• To analyze and identify the training and development needs of 10 LNGOs, through data collection, analysis and workshops
• Provide a tailored development plan for individual organizations, based on the identified needs
Objectives of the second aim (Support LNGOs in the challenges they face to improve their work with local communities)
• To support 10 LNGOs to make informed decisions on the direction and activities, for strengthening the capacity within their program delivery
• Develop the capacity of 10 LNGOs by delivering a range of training courses and technical support for delegates, suited to their needs
Objectives of the third aim (Strengthen the capacity of LNGOs to ensure t
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Project cost
Project Status
Start date
12 December 2018
End date
13 June 2020