LLF - The Development of Integrated Farming Systems in Upland Areas

Brief Summary
The overall goal of the project will be to reduce poverty in upland areas through remunerative, sustainable and resilient livelihoods.

The project would aim to increase agricultural productivity and farmer’s income in upland areas through the development of land and water infrastructure, introducing modern agricultural cultivation techniques and holistic integrated agricultural management systems.

The development objective of the project would be to assist approximately 30,000 rural households to increase their incomes, food security and overall well-being. This would translate to approximately 120,000 people in the project area directly benefiting from the various interventions.

The project would contribute to three specific outcomes that are in line with the strategic objectives of IsDB, IFAD, and the Government; (i) increase poor rural people’s productive capacities; (ii) increase poor rural people's benefits from market participation and (iii) increase Government capacity for modernizing agriculture.
Project cost
Project Status
Start date
14 January 2020
End date
4 July 2020