Reconstruction of the Abakaliki Ring Road Project in Ebonyi State

Brief Summary
The Development Objective is to facilitate the socio-economic development of Ebonyi State. The reconstruction of the Abakaliki ring road to a better standard, will increase the access of the population of the region to the markets and farm areas, enabling therefore the generation of more socioeconomic activities, businesses and employment opportunities for local population including women, youth and vulnerable groups and vicinity of Ebonyi State.
Specifically, the project aims to improve the traffic flows, the safety and the transport’s costs on the Abakaliki ring road. In particular, the project will ensure:
• (i) Mobility in the zone, providing all (including the vulnerable, women, young, old, and disabled, in both urban and rural areas), with at least some basic level of access through transport services and leaving “no one behind.”
• (ii) The Efficiency objective by ensuring that transport demand is met effectively and at the least possible cost.
Project cost
Project Status
Start date
14 December 2019
End date
30 March 2020