Construction of Boké - Quebo Road (Section Boké – Dabiss Road - 45 Km)

Brief Summary
The general development goals are to improve the level of service along road infrastructure in a cost-effective manner that supports economic infrastructures in agricultural production areas, improves rural accessibility and delivers an all year all-weather access to markets to boost high-level agricultural value chain. At the same time improving national and regional integration by means of reducing Guinea’s and Guinea-Bissau’s internal isolation and bolster sub-regional integration and trade. Therefore, removing road as a constraint for the rural population including women, youth and vulnerable participation in the labour-force.

1. Outcome 1: Service level on the section of the Boké-Québo road is improved. The performance indicators are:
• Decreased vehicle operating costs between Boké and Québo from (i) 0,32 Euro/km in 2017, for light vehicles to 0.20 Euro/km in 2024 and (ii) from 1.02 Euro/km in 2017 for HGVs to 0.60Euro/km in 2024.
• Decreased travel time between Boké and Québo (i) from 6.18h for LV, in 2017 to 1.19h in 2024 and (ii) from 8.58h for HDV, in 2017 to 1.34h in 2024.
2. Outcome 2: Accommodate rapid increase in traffic volumes. The performance indicators are:
• Net increase in annual transport of Freight across borders from transport inv
Project cost
Project Status
Start date
7 July 2020
End date
17 October 2020