Reverse Linkage Project Between Mauritania and Palestine for the Development of Vegetables Value Chain in the Regions (wilayas) of Trarza and Adrar

Brief Summary
The reverse linkage project aims to scale up the contribution of the Agricultural sector in GDP of Mauritania as well as to support food security through the development of vegetables value chain in the regions of Trarza and Adrar.
The project objectiveis aligned with the PNDA which aims at promoting modern, competitive, and sustainable agriculture through the development of strategic value chains with high growth potential. Vegetables is considered as a strategic value chain and is part of the intensification and diversification sub-program of PNDA.
The project will ease the transfer of the Palestinian expertise for the development of vegetables value chain to institutions and stakeholders through the inception of models and pilot actions. The project will help creating an excellence pole of national competencies in the field of vegetables in Rosso and Atar (Yaghref), to be replicated in other regions of Mauritania.
The project will focus on the following links of the value chain:
? Production inputs,
? Production,
? Transformation and commercialization, and
? Enabling Policy.
Project cost
Project Status
Start date
22 August 2020
End date
17 October 2020