Attractive sanitation for sub-urban and rural areas In Mozambique

Brief Summary
This project aims to improve this situation. The impact that we wish to make on the medium and long term is to change sanitation behaviour, create a healthy attitude and a clean environment for all people in Mozambique. The concrete results of this project are that:
100 toilets (Pia Fantastica) with BSFL production and inoculation are successfully installed and used by households in 3 sub-urban communities of Maputo. 450 Pias Fantasticas have been sold on the open market. 20 women and 5 man have been trained in sanitation and have started their own micro-enterprise in sales of Pia Fantastica and production of BSFL
An appropriate marketing strategy for the consumer market is developed and successfully
implemented on the small scale of this one year project. The marketing strategy for rolling out to a wider public is ready. A solid network with institutional clients is built up. The first contracts are ready to be signed Susamati is ready to function as an independent enterprise
Water, Sanitation & Urban
Project cost
Project Status
Start date
2 June 2020
End date
1 July 2020