INUMA Groundwater Solar Kiosks

Brief Summary
The objective of this project is to increase access to safe water for up to 67,500 people and to facilitate home water access to at least 150 compounds within 6 months. This will be done in a sustainable way that creates employment for youth. This is expected to result in several developmental benefits including and not limited to: - Better health and wellbeing due to clean water and safe hygiene and sanitation - Less time spent by women and children collecting water or sick from waterborne diseases. - Better education from better attendance by children - Reduced deforestation and carbon emissions as water will purified not requiring to be boiled before consumption - Reduction in riverbank activities (laundry and washing can be done at home with piped water access) - Increase of water infrastructure running on renewable energy - Better consumption patterns with clean water not needing to be bottled (which would increase plastic pollution). - Reduced
Water, Sanitation & Urban
Project cost
Project Status
Start date
29 April 2020
End date
7 August 2020