Straightening the integration of science, education andbusiness in biotechnology sector of Uzbekistan

Brief Summary
Uzbekistan has some of the most favorable conditions to be a leader in the biotechnology
industry in Central Asia. However, development and growth are limited due to outdated
technologies, education and research, and weak/absent links between research and businesses.
The project will contribute to the competitiveness of Uzbekistan and its economic
growth by promoting and strengthening cooperation between businesses, education, and
research in biotechnology. Creation of favorable environments to develop the new biotech
products and bringing them to the market through the modernization biotechnology research
and education, straitening the skill of students and young researchers in biotechnology and
innovational entrepreneurship.
The key outputs and outcomes of the proposed capacity building intervention are:
1. Strengthening the staff potential and human resource capacity of CAT, HEIs,
and enterprises, improving the quality of education.
2. Formation of a new generation of qualified specialists, the involvement of
new students in the field of biotechnology.
3. Advanced training, the formation of new knowledge and skills, the
introduction of nowadays biotechnology methods improving the quality of
4. Expansion and strengthening of interrelations be
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Project cost
Project Status
Start date
29 April 2020
End date
7 August 2020