Commercialization of Patented Essential Oil-basedTechnologies Developed at King Abdulaziz UniversityEmpowering Youths and Communities in an incubator MuslimCountry

Brief Summary
This is a pilot project entitled: “Commercialization of Patented Essential Oil-based Technologies Developed at King Abdulaziz University Empowering Youths and Communities in an incubator Muslim Country”, aiming at establishment of a pilot plant in Jeddah, KSA for production and marketing of a patented essential oil-technology, developed at KAU of Saudi Arabia, for protection against highly prevalent dental decay and gingivitis. The success of the incubator milestones will be followed by another submission of a project to IsDB that aims at transformation of the commercialized technology in the pilot plant to technological niches in poor Moslem countries, helping them to generate revenues during their short term strategy, enabling to create steady and predictable source of funds to sustain and improve their R and D Departments, which will work as another incubator for replication to wider range of needy Moslem niches on this globe.
Project cost
Project Status
Start date
29 April 2020
End date
1 July 2020