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IsDB Investor Presentation (June 2020) 2020 General Publications
Supplement to the Base Prospectus (Nov 2019) 2020 General Publications
Youth Development Strategy 2020 General Publications
Reverse Linkage: Development Through South-South Cooperation 2020 Success Stories
IsDB Articles of Agreement 2019 General Publications
IsDB Master Trust Deed 2019 General Publications
SDG Digest #7 (March 2019) 2019 General Publications
SDGs Digest Issue #8 (July 2019) 2019 General Publications
SDGs Digest Issue #9 (October 2019) 2019 General Publications
2019 Joint MDB Report on Climate Finance 2019 Reports
The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Late King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Program for Charity Works (KAAP) Annual Report 2019 2019 Annual Report
APIF Annual Report 2019 Annual Report
The Development Impact of the Awqaf Properties Investment Fund 2019 General Publications
Annual Report 2019 Digest 2019 Annual Report
IsDB Financial Statements 2019 2019 Financial Statement
Agriculture: Transforming Cotton Farmers’ Livelihoods in Burkina Faso 2019 Success Stories
Business Resilience Private Sector Capacity Development in Yemen 2019 Success Stories
Change, Impact, Sustainable Development Introduction: How The Islamic Development Bank Group Is Improving People’s Lives 2019 Success Stories
Education: Empowering Muslim Youth In The UK 2019 Success Stories
Education: Enhancing Universal Secondary Education In Mozambique 2019 Success Stories