Plan International

The Bank and Plan International have decided to contribute towards the COVID-19 response initiatives in Guinea. This project target 54 health centres in 7 prefectures in Labe and Mamou in Guinea. Plan Guinea contribution consists of leveraging its activities from three other regions (N’Zérékoré, Kankan, Kindia). A total of 1,054,566 beneficiaries in the three regions are targeted through HH visits, community awareness sessions, religious sermon awareness sessions, HF educational talk (HIV) + HH visits (TB), HTS services and TB case referrals.

The objective of the project, at the immediate level, aims to (i) improve the capacity of community members to prevent and mitigate the effects of COVID–19, including its related health, social, and gender inequalities; (ii) improve technical and management capacity of health systems to respond to COVID-19; and (iii) strengthen the links between front-line health care workers and communities, through training on their roles in prevention and control of the outbreak.