COVID-19 Civil Society Response

The TADAMON CSO (Civil Society Organizations) Pandemic Response Accelerator Program was approved by the Bank in 2020. Civil Society Organizations play a critical role in engaging citizens as a foundation for sustainable innovation to contain and mitigate the effects of the pandemic. Launched by IsDB and the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD), the purpose of the Program is to contribute to the immediate and medium-term efforts of member countries to prevent, contain and respond to negative impacts of COVID-19, particularly in the 17 member countries affected by fragility and conflict, refugees and internally displaced people. 

Focus Areas & Results

  1. Focus Areas: MCs affected by fragility and, Refugees, andConflict IDPs.
  2. 1 million vulnerable people will gain access to basic medical services to help mitigating the health impact of COVID-19.
  3. 5,000 community health workers to respond to COVID-19 will have capacity development program.
  4. 20,000 children, refugees and those at risk of being left behind will access to continuing basic education and skills development.
  5. 3-5 million of vulnerable population will access to health awareness raising and sensitization campaigns, including psycho-social support.
  6. 3,000 of the most deprived households have access financing or counseling to set up their own income generating activities.
  7. 60 % of the targeted households will have coping, adaptive and transformative resilience capacity to risks and shocks.
  8. Strengthened social cohesion and stability.

Case Studies