The IsDB has established the Communities Outreach Programme (previously known as Special Assistance Programme) in 1400H (1980) with the aim of enhancing the socio-economic development of the Muslim minority Communities in non-member Countries of the Bank by providing assistance in the form of Educational and Health Projects, Economic Opportunity, Training and Capacity Building and Urgent Relief in case of natural or man-made disasters. In addition, it facilitates the cross-fertilization of experiences and knowledge sharing among partners and builds partnership in co-financing initiatives with donors in non-member countries.

Since inception and as of today (June, 2020), the Communities Outreach Programme has financed 1,728 operations in diverse sectors (education, health, capacity building) with total approval of US$ 744 million. These operations are globally implemented in 84 countries in 8 geographical sub-regions in Non-Member Countries (NMCs).

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Sectors/Areas of Focus

  1. Education
    Provide access to and improve quality of education facilities and learning contents for Muslim minority communities in non-member countries 
  2. Health
    Provide access to and improve quality and service delivery of health facilities/centers
  3. Entrepreneurship
    Support the next generation of business leaders to develop their ideas and skills into business and become economic agents for change.
  4. Capacity Development
    Empower community through Capacity Building Initiatives (e.g., women empowerment, teacher training and leadership training)
  5. Innovation
    Linking Education to Science and Technology, and supporting science programmes.
  6. Islamic Finance
    Enhance the development of the community through Islamic Finance (e.g., provision of experts, training and tools)