Global Reach


Through Reverse Linkage, IsDB facilitates the exchange of knowledge and home-grown solutions between its members to achieve their development aspirations.  

As a key player on South-South Cooperation, the bank does not only focus on development interventions on the ground, in addition it has been very instrumental in enriching the body of knowledge of South-South Cooperation through introducing new concepts and operationalizing them such as the framework of national ecosystems for South-South and Triangular Cooperation. 

Moreover, the Bank is very active on the global conversation on strengthening development cooperation, mainly on South-South Cooperation using its thought-leadership and longstanding experience in connecting its member countries. the regional and international for a related to South-South Cooperation and contributes actively  

Knowledge Products

Since its establishment, the Reverse Linkage has been enhancing the IsDB contribution to the South-South Cooperation body of knowledge at the regional and international levels to enforce the IsDB’s positioning as a global actor of SSC.

During the period from 2015 to 2020, 27 knowledge products were produced, mainly through internal contributions by IsDB staff. These knowledge products broaden and deepen the knowledge related to SSC while benefiting from the IsDB field experience in formulating and implementing Reverse Linkage projects.

With respect to the external stakeholders, the Bank produced its new framework on national ecosystems for South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTrC), which was launched through the publication entitled “Developing National Ecosystems for SSTrC in IsDB Member Countries to Achieve Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development”. This was followed by producing other knowledge products, such as:


  1. Assessment Framework for National Ecosystems for SSTrC: this will be used in the Member Countries for assessing the existence and efficiency of the different pillars of the SSTrC ecosystem.
  2. Policy Brief on National SSTrC Strategy: this policy brief reviews the current practices of strategizing SSTrC based on actual cases from the Global South and provides recommendations for SSTrC strategy development based on good practices;   
  3. SSTrC Strategy Development Framework: this document provides guidance for designing a comprehensive, long-term national SSTrC strategy that aims to align SSTrC with national development plans and objectives of member countries.