Reverse Linkage (Bangladesh & Turkey) Cotton Varieties Development


The project aims to enhance the capacity of Bangladesh's CDB in cotton varieties development for increasing cotton production on less productive agricultural land. 

Main Activities

  • Providing long-term training on cotton research for 10 Bangladeshi researchers, covering 9 topics, in Turkish universities.
  • Organising short-term training on 13 cotton production practises for 65 CDB staff in CRI and the Izmir Institute of Technology.
  • Providing 10 previously developed and patented cotton varieties by CRI to the CDB, free of charge.
  • Conducting adaptation trials of CRI's varieties at 5 research centres of CDB under different agroecological zones of Bangladesh.
  • Producing new desired varieties by crossing 10 CRI's varieties with 4 local varieties. 

To learn more about this project, kindly download our publication below: