Republic of Suriname

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The Republic of Suriname joined the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) in 1997 as the 52nd Member Country. Suriname's capital subscription currently stands at ID 9.230 million (0.05% of total IsDB Subscribed Capital). Suriname is a small country in South America with a population of about 0.56 million (2016) and a density of 3.6 persons per square km. The country is endowed with natural resources such as gold, oil, iron ore, bauxite, and has significant potential for agricultural production and hydroelectric power generation. About 85% of the country is pristine Amazonian jungle and Suriname has one of the highest fresh water per capita ratio in the world.   A fifth of the population is below 8 years of age, and 37% under 18 years. Most people live in the urban and semi-urban areas along the coast. Around 20% of people are living in the remote interior. It is a diverse society comprising more than eight ethnic groups speaking more than 15 languages.

H.E Armand K. Achaibersing
Minister of Finance and Planning
Alternate Governor
H.E. Anwar Lall Mohamed
Advisor to the Vice President of the Republic of Suriname