About Us

The mission of the Independent Evaluation Department (IEvD) is to support the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) become a knowledge-based organization that continuously improves its operations, drawing lessons from the evaluations to enhance the development effectiveness of its interventions in Member Countries (MCs) and in favor of Muslim communities in non-Member Countries. The IEvD started its journey as the Operations Evaluation Office (OEO) in 1990. It reports directly to the Board of Executive Directors (BED) through the Operations and Development Effectiveness Committee (ODEC).

The Independent Evaluation Department of the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) evaluates relevance, efficiency, and effectiveness of the IsDB interventions, and appraises sustainability of the development results achieved. Through objective assessment of the results, IEvD draws and disseminates lessons that help improve development effectiveness of the IsDB interventions across different countries and sectors.

Given the diversity of the operations of the Bank, IEvD applies creative and methodological approaches that comply with international good practice standards to produce evaluation products that are responsive to institutional needs and contain lessons and recommendations that are useful, feasible, ethical, relevant, accurate and credible.

Structurally, IEvD consists of two divisions namely the Project & Program Evaluation (PPE) and the Corporate, Country & Thematic Evaluation (CCTE), and one Section focused on Evaluation Learning and Outreach.

Moreover, IEvD collaborates closely with peer institutions and engages in outreach activities with various stakeholders in order to strengthen the evaluation practice and to promote evaluative thinking through evaluation capacity development, knowledge sharing, and leveraging its networks and expertise.

Overall, IEvD strives to enable learning, support better policy decisions, and enhance accountability with the aim to uphold the highest standards of corporate governance.