Approved projects

The LLF’s Impact Committee regularly reviews proposals for projects in IsDB member countries that can benefit from the fund’s unique concessional finance model. 

Projects approved so far, for the first batch (2016) and second batch (2017) of funding were primarily in LDMCs in West Africa. The 7 new Projects approved in the third batch (2018) expanded the geographical coverage further eastward (Middle East and Asia), as well as in sub-Sahara African countries. The most recent batch of projects approved in 2019 comprises 4 additional projects allowing the LLF to further expand its coverage into new countries in Eastern and Western Africa.  The value of projects approved, by the LLF Impact Committee, has crossed the $US 1 Billion mark in 2018, with a portfolio geared for high impact. These funds will be used to protect communities from the risk of infectious diseases and improve access to quality care for all. Funds will help to increase access to clean water, and empower poor farmers and pastoralists to grow more food by developing the necessary basic infrastructure and integrated pastoralism.

As of today, the LLF portfolio represents 22 active projects in 19 countries organized into 28 operations, 60% of which are already disbursing or in disbursement preparation and some 22% are still navigating between the preparation stage and the signing agreements and their effectiveness. The remaining 18% are under preparation. 

The Least Developed Member Countries with LLF projects include Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Guinea, the Gambia, Niger, Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Uganda. Five of the six eligible LMICs, including Egypt, Indonesia, Nigeria, Morocco and Pakistan, have LLF investments as well.