Afghanistan Humanitarian Trust Fund (AHTF) Receives $2 Million Boost from Kuwait Society for Relief

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 4 October 2023 – In the presence of the Vice President and CFO of the Islamic Development Bank, Dr. Zamir Iqbal, the  Special Adviser to The President and Coordinator of Afghanistan Humanitarian Trust Fund (AHTF)  Eng. Mohammad J. Alsaati, signed today, in Jeddah, with Dr. Ebrahim A. Alsaleh, Chairman of Board of Kuwait Society For Relief (KSR),   a Donor Contribution Agreement, under which KSR will provide funding for an amount of US$ 2 million to the AHTF.

"Under this agreement, the funds will be dedicated to addressing the critical humanitarian and basic needs of the people of Afghanistan including health and clean water.

"This contribution will empower the Afghanistan Humanitarian Trust Fund (AHTF) to support humanitarian and basic needs for the people of Afghanistan through projects to be implemented by some implementing partners. The signing of this agreement signifies the strong partnership between the IsDB and KSR, highlighting their unwavering commitment to fulfilling the noble objectives set forth for AHTF," stated Eng. Alsaati."

IsDB was entrusted by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to establish, operationalize, and manage the Afghanistan Humanitarian Trust Fund according to the 17th Extraordinary Meeting of OIC Foreign Ministers, which was held on 19 December 2021 in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Consequently, the Board of Executive Directors of the IsDB, in its 344th meeting held on 14th February, has approved the establishment and operationalization of the Afghanistan Humanitarian Trust Fund, in accordance with the relevant IsDB procedures and regulations.

The Fund was established to provide short and medium-term support for humanitarian interventions and basic needs to the Afghan people, in pursuit of stability, self-reliance and progress towards development.

In this regard, intensive consultations and meetings have been held by the core AHTF  team of the Bank with various bodies of UN agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, local, accredited, and trusted civil society organizations, and regional, international, relief, and local development institutions working in Afghanistan, and a proposed set of projects and programs have been identified and funded in various sectors through the contributions provided by donors to the Fund.