At Arab Coordination Group Forum in Riyadh, Islamic Development Bank Unveils Multilingual Second Edition of Evaluation Glossary

Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 28 April 2024 – The Arab Coordination Group Forum convened during the 50th IsDB Annual Meetings in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At the Forum, the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) in partnership with the OECD's Development Assistance Committee's Network on Development Evaluation (OECD-DEC EvalNet), proudly launched the second edition of Arabic Glossary of Results-Based Evaluation and Management for Sustainable Development.

This edition is now available in Arabic, English, and French, signifying a major leap towards inclusivity in development evaluation practices.

The second edition of the glossary represents an evolution in the approach to development evaluation, moving away from a donor-centric perspective. It emphasizes accountability to the individuals impacted by development projects, reflecting a shift towards a more inclusive and participatory evaluation framework. This approach aligns with the IsDB’s commitment to enhancing transparency and engagement in development initiatives.

The new glossary edition not only facilitates a common understanding across different linguistic and cultural backgrounds but also ensures that evaluation methodologies are adapted to the diverse needs and contexts of the Arab region and beyond. By providing this resource in three key languages of the IsDB Group, the IsDB aims to bridge communication gaps and foster a more collaborative environment for development evaluation.

The IsDB continues to lead efforts in advancing development impact measurement and fosters robust institutional frameworks for collaboration among its member countries. These initiatives are part of the bank's broader strategy to support effective and accountable development cooperation.