Guinea Conakry President and IDB Group Chairman Discuss Measures to Contain Ebola

Washington DC, 12.10.2014 – At his residence in Washington D.C., President of Guinea Conakry, HE Alpha Condé discussed with the Islamic Development Bank Group Chairman Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali, the latest international actions underway to contain the Ebola epidemic in a number of West African countries and to prevent its spread into other parts of the world.

HE President Alpha Condé, at the meeting, touched upon the difficulties in stemming the spread of Ebola virus in his country and the measures taken to that effect as well as the need for an action plan by the international community to stop this epidemic.

In this context, the Islamic Development Bank Group Chairman, Dr. Ali underlined the Group’s willingness to provide assistance to the countries affected by the virus and to cooperate with all the concerned bodies in setting up an action plan to contribute to the global efforts to fight the disease. He further explained the details of the arrangements underway between the Islamic Development Bank Group and the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for staging an international conference in
Jeddah during November to alert the international community.

The conference is expected to focus on an action plan and a campaign to mobilize resources to fight the pandemic. Dr. Ali further conveyed the IDB Group’s willingness to convey the ideas of Guinea Conakry to the participants at the upcoming meeting. The proposed conference is expected to be attended by several IDB member countries, international financing institutions, NGOs and civil society.