IDB President Participates in 'The International Conference on Food Self Sufficiency in Niger" in Doha

Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali, President of the Islamic Development Bank, will participate in "The International Conference on Food Self Sufficiency in Niger" which would be held on 12-13/June/2006, in Doha, Qatar. The objective of the conference is to set up a Special Emergency Fund at the OIC General Secretariat in order to raise funds from the international community, including the United Nations organs, to enable Niger to face the immediate and dramatic impact of the droughts through the establishment of a Strategic Food Reserve.

The Doha Conference is proposed to cover the following programs for a total financing of about US$ 370.00 million:

(i) Strengthening the national strategic food crop reserve for approximately US$ 68.36 million'

(ii) Protection of the environment through rainwater retention aimed at increasing water table level for approximately US$ 106.00 million'.

(iii) Improving sustainable food production through increased irrigation for approximately US$ 195.64 million.

Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali stated that the Bank has been supporting the strategy of the republic of Niger in facing the impact of drought which it suffered since 2004.
He added that the IDB hosted in September 2005, in its headquarters in Jeddah, a Roundtable Meeting where Mali and Niger Prime Ministers, and 19 regional and international donors participated. The meeting aimed at raising financial support for the Kandadji Dam in Niger, and Taoussa Dam in Mali, and enhancing food security in both West African countries.