IDB President proposes partnership between IDB, Turkey and other OIC member countries to share successes in the area of development

Istanbul, Turkey, 26.11.2015: The President of Islamic Development Bank, Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali has made four proposals that will enhance partnership between IDB, the Republic of Turkey and any member country that wishes to benefit from the successes of the Republic of Turkey.
Dr. Ahmad Ali made these remarks in Istanbul, Turkey, while delivering a speech at the opening ceremony of COMCEC’s 31st ministerial session. In attendance during the ceremony were the President of Turkey, HE Recep Teyeb Erdogan, and the OIC Secretary General, HE Iyad Madani.

The proposals by Dr. Ahmad Ali call for a tripartite agreement between IDB Group, Turkey and any IDB member country wishing to benefit from the successes of the Turkish Republic. Secondly, Dr. Ahmad Ali suggested the setting of a program that will contribute to the process of expediting the effective implementation and operationalization of trade related agreements similar to the TPS-OIC and others. Thirdly, he called for the setting of program to enhance trans-continental regional corridors,
such as the Trans-Sahara Highway which links Algiers to Lagos. Fourthly, Dr. Ahmad Ali suggested the need to study the effect of the establishment of major regional blocks on intra-OIC trade and regional integration, and presenting proposals and future plans to address this challenge.
Dr. Ahmad also commended the strong partnership between IDB and the Standing Committee for Economic and Commercial Cooperation of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (COMCEC), stating that the partnership will contribute to IDB Group member countries in their effort towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The IDB President told the delegates that a joint study on SDGs has been completed by IDB and COMCEC Secretariat, following the resolution of the 30th ministerial session in 2014, to achieve the SDGs. “I am confident that the study contains very useful analysis of the needs of the Member Countries in terms of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and offers valuable and practical recommendations to achieve them successfully through innovative means,”, said Dr Ahmad Ali.

In his opening remarks, the President of Turkey, Mr Recep Teyeb Erdoan stated that despite the challenges faced by the Muslim World, there are some good signs in the area of trade relations among OIC member countries.
While delivering his speech, the Secretary General of the OIC, Mr Iyad Madani commended OIC member countries for the increase in intra-OIC trade. According to him, the volume of trade has increased from 18.64 percent in 2013 to 19.33 percent in 2014.
The IDB President was a also a panel member during a special session on the sidelines of COMCEC ministerial session, with the theme, “Implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and post-2015 Development Agenda: Financing Sustainable Development”. During the panel discussion the IDB President reiterated the importance of innovation and trade in moving forward to implement the SDGs.

Among the activities conducted by Dr. Ahmad Ali on the sidelines of COMCEC include; the signing of an MoU with COMCEC Secretariat which aims at consolidating the partnership between the two institutions in achieving their mandates. He also held bilateral talks with the Minister of State in the Office of the Vice President of Sierra Leone, Mr. Mohamed Alieu Bah, as well as another meeting with Palestine’s Minister for the Economy, Abeer Ouda, as well as several other delegations from member