IDB signs US $56 million agreement to strengthen Guinea’s health sector

Jeddah, KSA, 16 October, 2016 – The President of the of the Islamic Development (IDB) Group, Dr. Bandar Hajjar and Her Excellency Kanny Diallo, the Hon. Minister of Planning and International Cooperation of Guinea signed a US $56 million financing agreement for the development and improvement of health care services rendered to the people of Guinea.

The Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD), IDB’s poverty alleviation arm, contributed US $10 million out of the $56 million approved for the project. The financing is expected to meet urgent health-care requirements and respond to heath emergencies arising from epidemics.

IDB Group President, Dr. Bandar Hajjar, welcomed the Minister and her delegation at the IDB Group headquarters where various issues were discussed, including the promotion of cooperation and partnership between the Bank and Guinea in various economic and social sectors.

The document signed at the IDB headquarters contributes to supporting the country’s health sector in the Post-Ebola period and covers construction, upgrading and equipping 30 state-of –the-art health centers as well as providing the required training to the staff. It also includes the launching and equipping of a national maternity center, providing the fundamental maternity equipment for 174 health centers, and equipping 15 hospitals across the nation with the required comprehensive medical

Guinea was amongst the first countries covered by the US $35 million immediate medical assistance donated by the late King Abdullah Bin Abdel Aziz of Saudi Arabia nearly 2 years ago, when IDB was entrusted with implementation of the task which, played a major role in containing of the serious Ebola epidemic.

Her Excellency Kanny Diallo conveyed the congratulations of H.E. Alpha Conde, the President of Guinea, to Dr. Bandar Hajjar, over his assumption of duty as the new President of the IDB Group. She then, expressed President Alpha Conde’s appreciation to the IDB Group for its contributions to promoting development in Guinea in accordance with the economic development programs of the country.

“The IDB Group will do whatever within its capacity to support the development efforts by the Government of Guinea through cooperation with development partners in international development institutions particularly in the development funds and member institutions of the Arab Coordination Group.” said Dr, Bandar Hajjar.

The IDB Group President further touched on the IDB funded projects underway in Guinea, stressing the Bank’s resolve in increasing the cooperation between IDB and Guinea in order to serve the aspirations and ambitions of the people of the country for development and prosperity.

Guinea was a founding member of the IDB and since 1974,and to date, the IDB Group has contributed nearly US $657 million to 75 development projects covering various socio-economic development sectors, particularly power generation, health, agriculture, education, roads, water supply and sanitation.