The Islamic Development Bank organizes an International Investment Conference in Azerbaijan


The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group is organizing an International Investment Conference in Baku, Azerbaijan from 16 to 19 Shawwal, 1427H (7-10 November, 2006). The Conference will explore the investment opportunities in the Republic of Azerbaijan and will include a Trade Fair for Azeri products. It will be followed by visits to tourist spots and cultural sites as well as historical monuments in the capital, Baku.
Businesspersons of member countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) are invited to participate in this Conference. The IDB Group will charter a (Boeing 757 ) aircraft from Dubai on 16 Shawwal, 1427H (7 November 2006) and return to Dubai on 19 Shawwal, 1427H (10 November 2006) at its own expense. The IDB Group will provide hotel accommodation and meals for the participants for a nominal contribution of US$ 1,000 by each businessperson.