Reporting Allegations of Fraud and Corruption

See something worth reporting?

GIO’s investigations are primarily based upon the allegations it receives, so it is extremely important that those involved in activities supported by IDB Group funds take the initiative to report suspected fraud or corruption.

What should I report?

The more specific the information you provide, the better the GIO can follow up on your allegation(s). Share basic information like: who, what, where, when and how the alleged activities took place. It is important that all of the information provided is in good faith, truthful, clear, and relevant (pertaining to fraud and corruption on IDB Group related projects).  
Examples of things to report: 
Suspected contract irregularities and violations of the Bank's procurement guidelines
Bid manipulation
Bid collusion
Coercive practices
Fraudulent bids
Cost or labor mischarges
Product substitution
Substandard or inferior parts or materials
Bribery or acceptance of gratuities

What if the allegation pertains to staff misconduct?

The GIO investigates allegations of staff misconduct. Please report any involvement of IDB Group staff in suspected fraudulent and/or corrupt practices including:
Misuse of Bank Group funds or donor trust funds for personal gain or gain by another
Abuse of position for personal gain or gain by another
Solicitation or receipt of kickbacks or bribes

Do I have to provide my contact information?

The IDB will pursue all reasonable steps to protect witnesses acting in good faith. If you prefer to remain anonymous, the IDB Group may still investigate your complaint.  However, anonymous allegations are often more difficult to pursue and often do not fully address all of the complainant's concerns.  We encourage individuals reporting allegations to report in a manner that will facilitate effective investigations, which in general require open and confidential, rather than anonymous, reporting. If you decide to remain anonymous, we ask that you please provide us with a way to contact you, such as a specially created email address, should we have further questions. 

Reporting allegations of fraud and corruption

You can report allegations using the following methods:
Online: Integrity Complaint form

Fraud and Corruption Hotline 
Phone:  +966 2 646 7045
Fax:  + 966 2 636 4362

By Mail: 
Please mark correspondence “Strictly Confidential”
Attention: Group Integrity Office
Islamic Development Bank
P.O. Box 5925 – Jeddah 21432
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia