The GIO performs an initial assessment of every complaint it receives. This assessment determines whether the complaint relates to GIO’s mandate, whether the complaint has credibility, and whether the matter warrants an investigation. In assigning priority, the GIO considers the possible reputational risk to the IDB Group, the amount of funds involved, and the quality of the information or evidence provided with the initial complaint. Complaints outside of the GIO’s jurisdiction are redirected to other areas of the IDB Group as appropriate. If the GIO finds sufficient evidence that a fraudulent or corrupt practices occurred, the allegation is considered substantiated and referred for sanctions to the Integrity Oversight Committee. 

Allegations of staff misconduct pertaining to fraud and corruption are also investigated by the GIO in the same independent, objective, and impartial manner as investigations related to IDB Group related activities. The term “Staff Misconduct” is the fact for IDB Group staff to engage in Corrupt and Fraudulent Practices. Upon completion of its investigations, the GIO refers its findings to the decision-maker (usually a committee designated by the President) to determine whether misconduct occurred and, if so, what disciplinary measures, if any, should be imposed.