IsDB RH Almaty Annual Staff Retreat Unveils Successes of 2023 and Ambitious Plans for 2024

Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, 01 March 2024 – Islamic Development Bank Regional Hub Almaty, Kazakhstan (RHA), hosted its annual staff retreat, where its staff including the Field Representatives from Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan, convened to reflect on the achievements of the past year and set the course for 2024. The event, held on February 29, provided a platform for robust discussions and strategic planning.

In his welcoming remarks, Mr. Ibrahim Shoukry, Head of RH Almaty conveyed his congratulations to the staff on this occasion and appreciation for their efforts and hard work, improving and increasing the IsDB portfolio. He remarked that the accomplishments of 2023 are a testament to the talent, passion, and resilience of the employees. Mr. Shoukry then expressed his confidence that together, RHA will overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and continue to deliver the best results.

Mr. Anasse Aissami, Director General Country Programs delivered a virtual keynote speech during which he expressed his gratitude to the entire RHA staff for their hard work and dedication.

In an atmosphere charged with enthusiasm and determination, RHA staff came together to review the milestones and accomplishments of 2023. The discussions highlighted significant achievements. These accomplishments underscored the dedication and hard work of RHA's talented workforce and demonstrated the Hub's unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Main objective of the retreat was charting a roadmap for “Better and More Sustainable Results” in line with the Bank’s Strategic Realignment 2023-2025, to identify ways for improving the delivery of Regional Hub of Almaty in order to ensure successful achievement of its KPIs.

Main topics discussed during the Retreat were:

  • 7-7-7 Framework of CP Directorate;
  • Key KPIs of the Hub;
  • Programming and pipeline Development Challenges, Proposed Approaches and Action Plan
  • Rolling out MCPS and CEF: CPRP and Programming Action Plan 2024 with timelines for each CA country;
  • Enhancing Portfolio Quality;
  • Maintaining High Disbursements and Faster Implementation;
  • ICIEC’s goals for the region in 2024;
  • Improving Processes, Internal Workflows, and IT systems;
  • Communication and Outreach plan.

As an outcome of the retreat, the Regional Hub team agreed to adopt the discussed action plans that will enhance pipeline development, improve portfolio quality and enhance the disbursements on the portfolio.

The annual staff gathering concluded on a high note, whereas RHA outlined its strategic objectives for the upcoming year, and the RHA staff energized and motivated to embark on the journey ahead. With a clear vision and a united workforce, RHA is poised to achieve new heights of success in 2024 and beyond.