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COVID-19: The latest updates from IsDB

Special thanks to the panellists who joined Dr Bandar Hajjar for an insightful conversation on ethical finance and Post #COVID-19 economic resilience. The discussion was moderated by @BillyNauman (@ftmoralmoney) with panellist @BrianP_OHanlon, @Delilah917 & Dame Elizabeth Corley

Speaking at IsDB's event on the sidelines of #UNGA, Dr. Bandar Hajjar highlighted how ethical and sustainable financing are key in building global resilience and aiding recovery from the impact of the #COVID19 pandemic #UN75

IsDB is working to ensure that member countries have access to sustainable and ethical financing options to help support socio-economic recovery post #COVID19. Sustainable recovery will require broad-based global economic transformation aided by ethical financing. #UN75 #UNGA

What are some of the current challenges preventing the global economy from working properly for people and planet & how can ethical financing models help fund quality programmes for the most vulnerable in our communities? Find out in our live discussion:

President's Perspective

The IsDB President’s views on preparing for re-globalisation post Covid-19. In these articles Dr. Bandar Hajjar explains how the global economy needs to return more resilient and inclusive following the unprecedented disruption of the pandemic.

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