The Center of Excellence, in collaboration with relevant partners in Malaysia, identify successful development solutions, that meet the Center's ‘excellence’ criteria with high potential for replication, and support scaling them up in other MCs through creating the demand for the solution and facilitating its end-to-end transfer and adaptability to the local context. Examples of these solutions include: 


AI Based Fintech Solutions 

With over 20 financial institution in 10 countries adopting its solutions, Soft Space is expanding into omnichannel payments that include the adoption of artificial intelligence, QR code payments, E-wallet systems and money lending schemes.


Payment Services Solutions

Leading payment service provider and one of the top merchant acquirers in the ASEAN region. Provides payment services and solutions including physical, internet, and mobile payments on a sale, rental, or transactional basis.


Action-based instant-routing lead management system that encourages lead follow-ups while improving accountability in salespeople across various industries.


End-to-end Spend Management Tool

Innovative solutions covering spend optimization, strategic sourcing and strategic procurement to successfully optimize cost to increase the profit of medium and large organizations.


Leading digital financial services provider delivering AI-driven micro-financing and micro-insurance solutions.


Drone technology for construction supervision and emergency response

Offering an integrated aerial support system for emergency responders. Survey grade drones provide a cost-effective platform to gather such data quickly and accurately