On August 13th – 14th, 2019, The IsDB Group held a Case Study Writing Workshop, which was organized by the Knowledge Management and Institutional Learning Division of ERIL and the Regional Hub of Indonesia.  The aim of the workshop was to assist the Indonesian PMUs in developing impactful case studies to address the project implementation challenges. The workshop was delivered by a team from Global Delivery Initiative (GDI). The GDI is a partnership of over 30 development organizations focused on collecting and sharing development knowledge, insights and lessons learned. The GDI has substantial experience in building capacities toward improving delivery of development projects.    

The two-day workshop aimed to assist participants to obtain a conceptual understanding of how to produce case studies on their own. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the material, this workshop used hands on approach where participants performed many team exercises and discussions to put the concepts and ideas learned into practice. Through the course of the workshop, participants identified potential case study topics and developed them into the foundations of an effective and insightful delivery case study. The KMI, along with the GDI plans to conduct many more similar workshops in the future in other Regional hubs.  

Participants of this workshop included PMUs and representatives of the Government of Indonesia such as the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of National Development Planning along with IsDB staff.