A team from Regional Hub Indonesia, mounted a mission to Palu City, Central Sulawesi province to assess the rehabilitation progress in the area following the devastating earthquake and tsunami, which caused widespread damage and losses in late 2018. The IsDB is providing a grant of USD 1.0 million to support the recovery and rehabilitation efforts undertaken by the Government of Indonesia. A significant segment of the population are still housed in temporary shelters, and social infrastructure facilities and services are still lacking. To compound to the woes of the affected communities, several areas surrounding Palu city have been hit by drought and other areas by landslides that have submerged whole villages. The IsDB grant will be used for the provision of social infrastructure facilities such as primary health posts, primary schools, water and sanitation points. The team also met with Mercy Corps Indonesia to gain an understanding of the economic and livelihood support activities being undertaken in the province, as well as to visit some of the villages and farming communities in Sigi sub-district.