On 6th November 2019, the IsDB PPP representative visited the RHI office in order to participate at the Indonesia Infrastructure Development Financing Forum. The aim of IsDB’s participation in this forum was to take part and inform stakeholders regarding its readiness to participate in PPP projects in Indonesia, as well as knowledge sharing with lessons learned regarding PPP projects in other IsDB Member Countries.

The forum discussed PPP project preparations and identification of investor or lender/financier’s needs in project preparations. Some of the main topics covered were, the benchmarking of project preparation methods or procedures based on best practices, the challenges in attracting financier investment in PPP Projects, PPP Project Achievements in other countries.

The forum also had a panel discussion with Indonesia policy makers (central and local government institutions), foreign institutions, infrastructure and financial specialists, portfolio managers from SOE and private sector companies, academia and think tanks, and the MDBs to discuss PPP project preparation and identification of investor’s or lender’s/financier’s needs in project preparation.