On July 26th, 2019, a delegation from the “ Centre for Indonesia-Malaysia- Thailand Sub-Regional Cooperation (CIMT) “ - based in Malaysia – and led by Mr. Firdaus Dahlan (Director) visited the RHI. The CIMT delegation and RHI Team explored the potential areas of cooperation, in line with the seven pillars of IMT-Growth Triangle (IMT-GT) regional initiative and its alignment with IsDBG Regional Cooperation and Integration (RCI) Policy Framework and the Member Country Partnership Strategy (MCPS) for Indonesia (2016-2020).

The delegation showed its interest for capacity building and technical cooperation, as low hanging fruits for initial and early collaboration, leading to the potential Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IsDBG in the future. CIMT requests IsDB to be a strategic partner for IMT-GT, which covers 32 states across the three countries and has a cumulative population of 83 million, with high potential for intra-MC trade. The RHI will follow-up on the next steps for potential cooperation with the CIMT. It is noteworthy that IMT-GT has been acknowledged by IsDBG under the current MCPS for Indonesia (2016-2020).