Republic of Sudan

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Sudan joined the IsDB on August 12, 1974 as a founding member. IsDB approved the first operation in Sudan in February 1977. Its capital subscription is ID 83.21mn (0.46%). It is also a member of all the IsDB Group Entities (ICD, ICIEC, and ITFC).

With a population of around 42 million and an area of 1.9 million Sq. Km, Sudan sits at the crossroads of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East, with a coastline on the Red Sea. Sudan's economy has yet to recover from the shock of South Sudan's secession in 2011, which took away three-quarters of oil production, and half of its fiscal revenues. Sudan currently faces major development challenges including a non-diversified economy, low agricultural productivity, inadequate infrastructure, and the need for economic rehabilitation and political stability in post- conflict areas.

On the positive side, Sudan has enormous natural resources, as well as productive land that grows a variety of agricultural products and provides grazing for livestock. The abundant mineral and water resources, coupled with the advantageous geographic location of Sudan, create great potential to generate development revenue and enhance food security for the countries in the region.

H.E. Dr. Gibreel Ibrahim
Minister of Finance and Economic Planning
Alternate Governor
H.E. Buraie Siddig Ali Ahmed
Governor Central Bank of Sudan