On June 26-28, 2019, the IsDB RHI team mounted a Performance Implementation & Supervision mission to two universities supported by the IsDB under 7 in 1 project / IND 168.

The IsDB Financing has made a significant impact by developing these universities not only in their infrastructure capacities but also in their human development capacity. The IsDB financing also resulted in several key achievements such as upgrading the Universities accreditation ranking from C&B to A (the highest level of accreditation).

Other achievements as a result of the IsDB support were:

  • The study program increased from 60% to 81% in the Lambung Mangkurat University
  • Team of researchers financed by the project received a patent for Engineering of Bullet Resistant Panels.
  • The publication of scientific articles in the International Journal reached 316 titles versus a target of 128 titles (a 246 % achievement rate)
  • Intellectual property right for innovation and research reached 78 titles versus a target of 47 titles (a 166 % achievement rate)