Halal tourism is currently valued at USD 180 Billion business per year, globally, with the potential to reach USD 330 Billion per year. According to the Global Muslim Travel Index, Indonesia is currently the world’s leading destination of Halal Tourism followed closely by Malaysia, and Turkey, while Singapore and Thailand are also eyeing to be a top destination for Halal Tourism. Realizing the magnitude of Halal Tourism, the Indonesian Ulema Council along with the Tourism Ministry, Bank of Indonesia, National Sharia Finance Committee, organized the International Halal Tourism Conference in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) which was presided by the Vice President-elect of the Republic of Indonesia as chairman of the Council.

The IsDB RHI, represented by the Resident Representative, was invited to participate and contribute in a panel session to discuss Halal Tourism in IsDB Member Countries, as well as the potential and challenges which were faced by OIC countries in Halal Tourism. During this event, many different stakeholders, both public and private, were involved to discuss the potential opportunities and management optimization for Halal Tourism in Indonesia.