IsDB Member Countries

The present membership of the Bank consists of 57 countries. The basic condition for membership is that the prospective member country should be a member of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) . The IsDB Board of Governors has the authority to set the terms and conditions on the subscription and payment to the capital of the Bank. The cumulative capital subscription from the Initial to the 5th General Capital Increase and the shareholding position of the IsDB member countries as at Gregorian financial year end are as follows:-

Country Capital Subscription ($M) Percentage to total capital (%)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 11,896.80m 23.50%
State of Libya 4,771.66m 9.43%
Islamic Republic of Iran 4,174.63m 8.25%
Federal Republic of Nigeria 3,874.52m 7.66%
United Arab Emirates 3,799.49m 7.51%
State of Qatar 3,632.36m 7.18%
Arab Republic of Egypt 3,579.65m 7.07%
State of Kuwait 3,500.00m 6.92%
Republic of Turkey 3,263.84m 6.45%
Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1,285.59m 2.54%
Democratic and People's Republic of Algeria 1,285.59m 2.54%
Republic of Indonesia 1,137.95m 2.25%
Malaysia 823.08m 1.63%
People's Republic of Bangladesh 509.96m 1.01%
Republic of Yemen 258.62m 0.51%
Kingdom of Morocco 256.69m 0.51%
Republic of Sudan 232.95m 0.46%
Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan 219.76m 0.43%
Sultanate of Oman 142.55m 0.28%
Republic of Iraq 135.05m 0.27%
Republic of Cameroon 128.36m 0.25%
Brunei Darussalam 128.36m 0.25%
Republic of Niger 90.17m 0.18%
Burkina Faso 90.17m 0.18%
Republic of Gabon 54.58m 0.11%
Republic of Kazakhstan 54.00m 0.11%
Republic of Azerbaijan 50.92m 0.10%
Republic of Mali 50.92m 0.10%
Republic of Senegal 47.81m 0.29%
Republic of Guinea 45.85m 0.09%
Republic of Tunisia 36.40m 0.07%
Republic of Lebanon 35.77m 0.07%
Islamic Republic of Mauritania 35.77m 0.07%
Kingdom of Bahrain 25.88m 0.05%
Kyrgyz Republic 25.84m 0.05%
Republic of the Gambia 25.84m 0.05%
Republic of Maldives 25.84m 0.05%
Republic of Mozambique 25.84m 0.05%
Republic of Uganda 24.63m 0.05%
Republic of Benin 20.80m 0.04%
State of Palestine 19.55m 0.04%
Syrian Arab Republic 18.49m 0.04%
Republic of Tajikistan 18.16m 0.04%
Republic of Sierra Leone 18.16m 0.04%
Republic of Togo 18.16m 0.04%
Republic of Uzbekistan 13.44m 0.03%
Union of Comoros 13.02m 0.03%
Republic of Cote d'Ivoire 13.02m 0.03%
Islamic Republic of Afghanistan 9.93m 0.02%
Republic of Chad 9.77m 0.02%
Republic of Albania 9.23m 0.02%
Republic of Suriname 9.23m 0.02%
Turkmenistan 4.96m 0.01%
Republic of Guinea Bissau 4.96m 0.01%
Republic of Djibouti 4.96m 0.01%
Federal Republic of Somalia 4.96m 0.01%
Cooperative Republic of Guyana 2.50m 0.01%